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Gyro-theodolite surveying services

B. (Ben) Larose, C.S.T., C.E.T - Survey specialist in: Mine Surveying, Exploration Surveying, Civil and Construction Surveying as well as Gyro-Theodolite Surveying Services .

About the Firm:
Northland Technical Surveys was established in 1983 as a surveying firm set-up to serve the mining and exploration industries.
The firm is owned and operated by Mr. (B) Ben Larose which he founded and brings with him more than 34 years of specialized surveying services. In addition, the firm has a large inventory of equipment and instrumentation being state-of-the-art, therefore ensuring a high degree of technical and cost efficiency.
Northland Technical Surveys clientele ranges from junior mining companies to large mining corporations. Also, they often work directly with individual prospectors and geologist on a daily basis to further reduce their costs by having them as part of their survey crews. Contact Northland Technical for further information or an estimate.

Services Offered:

Mining and Exploration Surveys
-Gyro-Theodolite Surveying Services
-(azimuth determination) surface and underground
-Solar Observations (sun shots)
-Stellar Observations (start shots)
-Transferring Meridian and co-ordinates down the mine shaft
-Establish permanent surface survey control stations
-Topographic Surveys
-Hydrographic Surveys
-Diamond Drill Hole Location Surveys
-Preliminary and Final Surveys for access roads
-Development Surveys for mine haulage decline ramps
-Perimeter Surveys for tailings reclamation projects
-Earthwork/Blastrock Volume Surveys'
-G.P.S Surveys (SUB cm Accuracy)

Civil / Construction Surveys
-Layout of Excavation Limits
-Layout of Anchor Bolt Locations
-Headframe/Sheave Wheel Alignment